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Precise, up-to-date, constantly and worldwide available data - the base to your success.

factory360 GmbH is a newly founded company with its head quarter in Weiherhammer. As a service provider our main task is the digitalization of production facilities and buildings, using the latest technologies.

The entirety and geometry of factories and production facilities is recorded by 3D laser scanners, drones and cameras and our customer will receive and utilize all obtained data via cloud applications. If you are eager to embrace challenges and play an active role in shaping the digital future, join us at our site in Weiherhammer.

We are ready to tackle the challenges of the future.

Contact us today to find out how we will support you with rebuilds and factory operations. We'll prepare you to redefine the boundaries of your factory.
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Building Industry 4.0 by sustainable facility management and digital industrial engineering

We help you taking the next step and enter a higher level in your digital transformation. As a specialized service provider, we use state-of-the-art technologies e.g. laser scanners, drones, GPS and total station to record the current inventory for our customers.

factory360 – empower your future with precise data and fast solutions.

As your trusted service partner we are specialized in recording, updating and evaluating highly complex factories. Using 3D laser scanners, drones and cameras, we capture the entire geometry of your facilities and the data obtained is made usable via cloud applications to provide you with a comprehensive insight.
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Let's talk about your visions.  


All stakeholders of the company working with identical data.


The existing data is up to date in consistently high quality.


Thanks to globally available data, plannings can be started at any time and from anywhere. Time-consuming travels for site visits are eliminated.


We get to know the customer and the customer gets to know us and our values due to continuous joint work on and with the data.

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Embrace the future:
your career with factory360

Welcome to the world of factory360 GmbH.
A place where innovation, creativity and team spirit form the foundation of our success. If you seek an inspiring career in a dynamic environment, you have found the right place. Join us and enrich our team with your skills and ideas to shape the future. We are looking forward to hearing from you and taking the next steps together.

Analyze. Optimize. Grow.

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