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Industry 4.0

Sustainable building management and digital industrial planning. Take the next step with us and elevate your digital transformation to the next level. As specialized service providers, we capture the current inventory for our clients using state-of-the-art technologies such as laser scanners, drones, GPS, and tachymeters.

Laser scanning

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by using laser scanners we collect the date of your facilities in record time.

Laser scanning is transforming the scanning of complex factories to a new level due to its fast and precise technology. The scanning is done by using a portable laser scanner which enables scanning while in motion thus increases efficiency.

The combination of laser scanning with common surveying tools such as total stations and GNSS enables precise and accurate data collection. Detailed and accurate documentation is available for complex factory systems. By precisely recording the current status plant operators, maintenance staff and project managers can save time and money in their day-to-day work. The system allows seamless integration of text and image information, providing instant access to comprehensive documentation of all components, such as operating instructions, maintenance plans or configurations, available with just a click of a button. 

Drone flights

Using drones to survey large areas efficiently and precisely.

Inaccessible areas or hard-to-reach spots are no barriers to our work. As specialists, we use drones in addition to 3D laser scanning to supplement the recording.

Terrestrial laser scanners often create considerable shadows on the facades of buildings due to its ground-level perspective. It is not always possible to capture roof surfaces by walking over them using a scanner. Photogrammetric images by scanning with drones opens up the possibility of capturing these hidden areas from different perspectives. We achieve accurate measurement by georeferencing both data sets.
We prioritize legal and safety standards, ensuring that our team regularly attends training courses and seminars. This commitment enables us to handle all your projects in compliance with current regulations and using the latest technology. Our team holds all necessary licenses and permits for drone flights, our high-performance drone is certified according to C2 standards.

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Total station / GNSS

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Mesh measurement accurate to the millimeter

A tachymetric network measurement is the basis for highly precise and comprehensive measurements by using scanners and drones. This setup also allows control measurements and collecting additional data. The control network guarantees absolute accuracy within a few millimeters for both medium and large buildings, as well as their outdoor facilities and areas.

Total station and GNSS are conventional surveying systems used in geodesy. Unlike laser scanning and photogrammetry, which work with extensive grid measurements, these methods work with point measurement.
Besides control network tachymetry and GNSS are also used for topographic surveys, construction surveys and deformation and settlement measurements.

Cloud-based applications

Easy access without CAD knowledge. Available worldwide.

Cloud-based applications enable quick and precise access to point-clouds and efficient distribution of important data.

Application examples

Industrie und Produktion factory360 Vermessung Industrie 4.0 Digital Twin

Don’t miss your chance to recognize the value of your data

Embracing the era of Industry 4.0, accurate inventory management is becoming increasingly important, companies depend on up-to-date, reliable and constantly available data. Our mission is to create high-quality 3D models of systems and buildings for our customers ensuring access to data anytime and anywhere. This empowers our customers to plan, optimize and improve their processes more efficiently.
We place great value to high-quality and sustainable measurement data. Our experienced team is dedicated to delivering exact results.

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