Digital twin

Building your future: Our contribution to the Digital Twin.

Industry 4.0 represents a significant change in industry and production. The fusion of advanced digitalization, AI (artificial intelligence) and the IoT (Internet of Things) creates smart factories which can operate autonomously and communicate with each other.
Digital Twin Vernetzte Fabrik Echtzeitüberwachung

The digital twin is in the center of industry 4.0 – an exact virtual replica of the physical factory.

The Digital Twin enables real-time monitoring of machines and processes or predictive maintenance before it occurs.
We deliver the basis for your digital twin, to simulate different scenarios, optimize production processes and identify potential bottlenecks.

With industry 4.0 we are entering an era of manufacturing characterized by efficiency, precision and agility. Companies with successful implementation of those technologies will not only remain competitive but will also set the basis for a sustainable and innovative future.
Visualization and planning of facility modifications remotely will reduce costs and minimize downtime. Our comprehensive visualization enables you to preview and test changes, mitigate risks, avoid costly errors.

Future is now.

Step into the future with impressive 3D models of your facilities. Our detailed visualizations not only provide a realistic representation, but also serve as an effective communication tool for your team.
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All stakeholders of the company working with identical data.


The existing data is up to date in consistently high quality.


Thanks to globally available data, plannings can be started at any time and from anywhere. Time-consuming travels for site visits are eliminated.


We get to know the customer and the customer gets to know us and our values due to continuous joint work on and with the data.

Analyze. Optimize. Grow.

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