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We create the foundation for your Digital Twin with precise, up-to-date, constantly available data worldwide. We capture the geometry of factories comprehensively using 3D laser scanners, drones, and cameras, and make the acquired data accessible to our customers through cloud applications.
Vermessung von Industrie und Produktion

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Recording your facilities and buildings

The 3D inventory is carried out using mobile laser scanners and drones. We record the three-dimensional measurement data of objects, buildings, facilities and terrain digitally, quickly, effectively and precisely. The point cloud created from the recording is the basis for the creation of 2D plans and 3D models.


Calculation and data processing

The measured data is read in and filtered using special software for the calculation and data processing. The resulting point cloud serves as the basis, e.g. for factory planning, conversion planning or plant constructions. The scan data can be easily imported into a wide variety of CAD programs to create 2D plans or 3D models depending on the task.


Development of customer-specific functions

In addition, we offer the possibility of integrating additional information in selected areas through customized programming and adaptations, such as data sheets, videos, IoT data or links to a spare parts shop.

factory360 supports companies as a global service provider by recording, updating and evaluating complex factories.

Via cloud application constantly updated data is available 24/7 to the customer which is the base for effective maintenance, operation and modernization. Knowledge of the current state of the factory significantly influences future development regarding new challenges, response time and consequently competitive advantages. The development of new tools tailored to customer requirements creates continuous added value.

We create the virtual image of your factory – the base for your digital twin.

Aufbereitung durch Cloud-Anwendungen Laserscan 3D

Use for rebuilds

Use for factory operations

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